Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

Bring Your Own?  Why bother?!  The obligatory ranting about how much of a pain-in-the-(choose a body part) it is!

Yay, I get to be the pessimist!

Current arguments I hear for why people don't bring their own include the ones listed above, which are disposability, convenience, less embarrassment, and less upkeep.  Another one I hear?  "I'd never thought of that before."

Disposability will be addressed next week.

Convenience: wow, you can just have it when you want it!  Even if it's not entirely necessary!  Pretty soon, you start to think, "If I don't have it, my life won't be complete!"  How much can you do without that's unnecessary in your life?  (The landfill will thank you.)

Less embarrassing: In Japan, you bag your own groceries on a table after the register.  At one of the local stores here, I have to bag it myself as the cashier rings me up.  There are people in line behind me, and the cashier wants to be done with me as fast as possible.  I asked one cashier at this particular store how many people brought their own bags.  "Not many," she replied.  (When she bagged my friends' groceries, she used a zillion plastic bags, often putting one item in each bag!  My heart cried.)  There are worse things to be embarrassed about, like farting in public or having a bad hair day.  And most of the time, no one notices.  Your embarrassment at doing something good for the earth could have a positive role-model impact on someone else.

Less upkeep: yeah, if you BYO coffee mug, you have to wash it yourself.  Which is why in places that provide mugs, I just use the in-house mugs.  And you have to remember to BYO, which constitutes fore-thought.

 How hard is it to be thoughtful?  Don't you admire people who are thoughtful, who think of others instead of just themselves?  You should aspire to be one of those people!

Over 300 clicks last week!  THANK YOU!  Comments, questions, angry reasons why not to BYO: send them to me!  reardon dot melanie at gmail dot com!  I would love to feature you in my comic!  Have a great Monday! 

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