Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

What's the big deal about using convenient, over-packaged, free stuff?  Let's think a little, shall we?

Cultural references: In the first panel, she's saying, "Itadakimasu," which is said before meals in Japan meaning, "I shall humbly receive," or "Thanks for the food."  It's a habit I haven't gotten out of since moving back.  She's eating "obentou", which is a lunchbox.  Traditionally, lunchboxes are resuable; lately however, people buy these non-recyclable plastic containers wrapped in plastic wrap from places like convenience stores or restaurant chains, because eating out at lunch, while sometimes acceptable, is frowned upon by most places (takes away from work-time!) and making your own isn't possible unless you have a mom or wife who makes it for you.  And in Japan, they give you conveniently packaged chopsticks, not the multipack you see here, which were based on the multipacks we hand out at the place I currently work.  We recently started handing out individually wrapped plastic utensils, and I am the plastic-ware nazi, asking, "Do you REALLY need a fork?"  Most people take their stuff home, anyway.  (People who refuse utensils and bags, bring their own reusable containers, get my incredibly-happy ecstatic praise!)

The landfill panel... I'm afraid that the text in the final panel did not translate well from paper to screen. The text is supposed to say "a long long long long long time."  And yes, the plastic will, at least.  Paper usually biodegrades (which means turns to dirt) fairly soon in ideal conditions, but unfortunately in landfills, enough oxygen and other conditions for ideal biodegradation aren't there.  So, instead, you just have a bunch of buried, and in this case perfectly unnecessary, trash.


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I promise there will be rabbits on the next page!  Have a great week! 

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