Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

A convert is me!  I have decided to BYO, thanks to last week's illustration on just how much needless waste I could prevent.... and now...

So yay!  I hope you feel as I have come to feel about BYO-- it's something simple that, when possible, can and should be done!

Notes: the BYO hands are supposed to be ASL (American Sign Language) for B Y and O.

Today's comic had very little computer cleaning-up/fixing.  I'm pretty proud of it. 

What do you think the cool craft is going to be?  I don't want to spoil you, but I think you can guess.  (Anyone who knows me IRL can probably guess it's something I carry around with me at all times; the craft is based off a gift I received from my dear friends U and Y in Japan years ago!)

As always, comments, constructive criticism, undying devotions, job offers, and advice for kitty allergies and how to deal with them can be sent to reardon dot melanie at gmail dot com!  I check my e-mail on a regular basis, and I promise to write back to you!

Have a lovely Monday-- see you next week! 
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Now go out and DO!
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