Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

Page 6 of Rosie's "BYO" issue is up!  What is BYO?  We already told you that, silly!  Today's comic is a cool craft that you can do yourself!

Hey guys & gals!  Thanks for viewing and telling your friends about the 3 Rs!  Over 300 views each week!  This is exciting!

I hope you try out today's craft.  I'd like to feature *your* projects in my fanart gallery... so when (not if!) you make one of these, please send me pics at reardon (dot) melanie (at) gmail (dot) com !  Also, if you encounter problems with the instructions, let me know so I can make corrections!  I think I did a pretty thorough job writing them out, but you never really know until someone interprets it differently, you know?

Step 4 features my best friend in the universe, who is always being supportive and offering positive comments and constructive critiques.  I adore her!  And the Japanese writing you see on the far right is, phonetically, "Sugoku jouzu!" which means "Incredibly talented/skillfully-made!"

Seriously, even those of you who think you have no talent, nay, ESPECIALLY those of you who believe you have no creative talent, I challenge you to think again and to try this out and prove to yourself that you, yes YOU, can do anything.  Creativity is not something that "certain people are gifted, just not me."  Just DO it.  TRY it.  Prove yourself WRONG.  It may take a few tries, but you don't think this comic just happens by itself, do you?

Happy Monday, and see you next week for the final installment of BYO! 

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Now go out and DO!
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