Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

Now what to do with the craft from last week?  Find out today!

So this concludes the first issue of Rosie the Reuse Rabbit, and this page marks the last of the first updates!  This is really exciting, guys!  I need to give a shout-out to all my friends for being so supportive, keeping up with the slow updates (hey, if I can make this a paying job, I'll totally update more!) and giving tons of positive feedback.  The more pages I do, the more focused and especially more confident I become.  So, while I'm not 100% happy with today's page, I know that there will be other pages in the future that I will be happy with; it just gets better, and you have to keep moving forward, right?

Some notes about how this comic is done:

I write out a really rough draft of what I want said.  Then I divide it up into pages (I try for around 5-7 pages), then I sketch them out onto reused paper (from advertisements on my windshield to invoices to concert tickets), then I ink with sharpie or a black gel pen, color with prismacolors, and scan it into the computer.  I use Gimp (a free art web application) to alter the image so it looks nicer on your screen (very rarely do I actually alter the art), then webpublish.  Simple and old-fashioned, I know!

Any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, should be directed to reardon (dot) melanie (at) gmail (dot) com.

 You won't want to miss Rupert's next installment, my fellow lolbunnies!  See you next Monday! 

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Space Krall (spacek) says:

Okie dokie, logged in now.

Anyway, I was wondering if Rosie might be giving tips on gifting.

How to deal with wrapping/unwrapping and all that glorious paper and ribbon and what ever it is one's holidays involve. Wax and candles,  trees and tops or the festivus stick.

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