Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

What's an ECO-CONSCIENTIOUS BUNNY to do about HOLIDAY DECORATIONS?  We'll show you!

Part three of a possibly five page, daily special update for you guys about the holidays!

Notes on today's page:

Reusable trees are not bad, just option 4. PVC is bad for you and the environment.  Don't believe me?  Do a quick Google search on PVC and take a look at the controversy.  (And don't worry, we plan on covering it later on!)  I mean, I'm of the opinion that a reusable tree is a great idea, just not a brand-new-from-China store-bought one. (see option 1)

Locally-produced real tree?  Great option.  And by recycling, I mean when you dispose of it, making sure it becomes mulch or fertilizer.  (Or, if it's okay, burning it yourself for heat!  I don't know if these things are options, or if they're good for burning for heat because I am not an expert... but if you can get another use out of it?  DO!)

Living trees: we inherited a Norfolk Pine years ago.  It's a "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" according to a former roommate and friend from college.  It's now much taller than I, and my mom sometimes (depending on the mood) puts baubles or things on it, and it's very nice.  But you can also buy a real, live tree, decorate it, and plant it in your yard.  How cool is that?

And the final option: no tree at all!  (I know, shock; sacrilege!)  You can do like SJ (check out her comic too-- ) 's mom and dad and create your own tree. (I promise to post a link after work)

The rest of the comic is pretty self-explanatory, I think. ;) 

I realized last night that I left my planning pages for the next two days, including Monday's update, in Greensboro, in Mike's bag (from the swapcomic shenanigans on Sunday night).  But, fear not!  I am hard at work (frantic, actually) to re-write, re-draw, and finish a lot of comics for you!  I'm confident it will be done on time.  So!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!  Questions, comments, concerns, job-offers, to reardon (dot) melanie (at)! 

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