Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

Season's Greetings: The 3 Rs have some advice for you on what to do about pesky holiday cards!

So, in case it wasn't clear enough in the comic, by "Consider the Source," Rupert means to use post-consumer recycled content paper or cards ("precycling" - and if you missed the pre-cycle issue, go back to the beginning of the 3 Rs and do your homework!), choose paper that has come from well-managed forests as opposed to, say, "the rainforest" or wood that's not replanted, and to use local (or local-er) when possible.  Meaning, if you live in the UK, getting paper from France isn't as bad as getting it from China; if you live in Canada, Canadian wood is less likely to have traveled as far as from, say, Brazil.  Most things you buy have a little autobiography ("made in" label) on where they came from -- use it to think about how far that thing had to travel before it reached you! 

And Rachel, suggesting the blasphemous "send e-cards"... Personally, there's a little Jib-Jab card where you put pictures of people's faces and they dance to some songs that I think is more hilarious than anything.  Those would work for friends and family you're not close to.  But for your really close friends, when was the last time you sent them a nice, long e-mail?  Hand-written is always nice, but if you're struggling with time and money, you could just send a nice e-mail with pic attachments.  As someone who spent nearly five years away from friends and family, I can say that I enjoyed personal e-mails very much; much more than cards in the mail that said, "Happy New Year, Love, the Monkey Family."  (But yeah, e-mails have the pesky emoticons instead of hand-drawn smileys and other random doodles that may come!)

There will be a final update tomorrow!  Whew!  I hope you've enjoyed these so far!

reardon (dot) melanie (at) if you have any questions, complaints, season's greetings, remedies for my cat's allergies, etc! 

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