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The final page of the Holiday Special!  Come see it!

Whew!  Five pages in five days is exhausting, but boy do I feel accomplished!

 I was thinking about absolving you from feeling guilt with a long speech, but I think Rachel's rant (which would go on and on if the panel didn't end on her) pretty much says everything: Don't stress out about spending money and/or time you don't have!  And Rupert's "enjoy your life" addition probably sounds hedonistic, but why hate your life for two months just to anticipate one day's enjoyment, and then to worry about it until you can pay off your debts?  I think the people around you appreciate good-natured-and-happy you over mean-and-anxious-from-stress you.  Your family and friends will love you no matter what, but you don't just interact with your family and friends!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you on Monday!  Any comments, concerns, declarations of love for the adorable-ness that is my cat (whose name is Cricket--You'll be seeing more of him, don't worry.  He's been collaborating with Rachel on a secret project!   Oh the anticipation!), etc. can be sent to

reardon (dot) melanie 

And happy final night of Chanukkah! 

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