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You don't have to rinse out your aluminium recyclables: True or False??

If you're an official on the subject and you have something to add to this discussion, please send me information at reardon (dot) melanie (at) .  The Internets are a wonderful thing, but different sources (from to the US EPA homepage) don't really have too much information on this subject.  With most other recyclables, dirt and foodstuffs can contaminate batches, but with metals, this is not a problem because in the processes of cleaning, crushing, cutting, and melting, the dirt is separated or, more likely, destroyed.  Logic has led me to the conclusion that rinsing out your aluminium is unnecessary.  But, just to be safe, check with your local recycling center for their policies.  And, yes, using "gray" water is the best way to save water!


Tune in next week for more answers to the quiz!  Hope you have a lovely Monday!

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