Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!


Besides a bit of English fail... like, I realized how I may not have explained "efficient" well... I'm pretty pleased with the layout for this page, particularly ScienceRupert!

Brief explanation:

-Recycling Al saves energy (the amount of energy it takes to create one new can equals the amount for making twenty ones from recycled Al)

-Open-cut mining is VERY bad for the environment as it destroys habitats and leaves the areas of earth exposed to erosion.  It's a common method of extracting Al.  Avoiding having to do this would be awesome.

-The average (I think) cycle of a recycled Al can is 60 days.

-Al will not turn into dirt while you or I or anyone we know is still living.  Think Wall-E.

I guess I could have worded the things on the board better, but the technique I used (colored pencil on sharpie) left me little space.

The past week has been spent working, thinking about a SuperSekrit project, reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, being ignored by my cat (he has to take nasty, nasty medicine), getting recruited for a comic illustrator bi-monthly "class" which I start Wednesday, thinking about Haiti while waiting for a new debit card (the old one was "compromised"), and dreaming about Brazil.  Lots of ups and downs!

As always, constructive criticism etc. is welcome:

reardon (dot) melanie (at)

See you next week, my lolbunnies!

(two pages left in this issue!)

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