Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

8 billion cans manufactured and sold in the US each year? 75% recycled each year?  True or False?  Find out now!

This week's comic, as with all 3 Rs pages, was done on reused paper-- that is, paper that was rescued from the "recycle" bin (or trash can, in some cases!) after one use!  Remember, kids: reusing is more efficient than recycling!


The first panel is based off a famous work of art by Edvard Munch entitled "The Scream" which I'm sure you know.  Anyways-- it's not mine, la dee da!


And a subtle reference in this comic is to a band with the best name ever: "Hell Toupee."


Shout-out to Miss E of A-Girl Studios ( ) who has just re-launched her site!  She's an amaaaaazing comic artist and I adore her!  Go and say hi!


Last week, I joined an informal class using the textbook "Drawing Words and Writing Pictures" ( ) and had a comics jam-session with totally new and rad people!  I'm psyched at the things I'll learn through this group!  Stay tuned for more improvements!


Questions, comments, concerns, job offers, and cures for kitty depression can be sent to reardon (dot) melanie (at)!  See you next Monday for the (insert adjective of your choice here) conclusion of "Yes, we CAN!"

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