Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

omg, is it March already?

Happy March, my bunnies!  We have survived another February!

This week's comic features a very special guest, Jasmin Malik Chua!  She is a writer for Ecouterre and Inhabitots (among other eco-friendly and fashion sites) and someone I really respect!  And DJ Hedgehog is the cutest baby ever!  Here is the relevant article that I reference in today's comic:

The how-to on freezing your jeans.

This is another of Jasmin's articles, where she talks about how you can save energy by re-wearing, washing with cold water, and skipping drying and ironing.



Another really useful site that is relevant to next week's comic (dying for a sneak peak, yes?) was pointed out to me by my bestest friend Bell (who is currently on holiday in Britain!  Hope it's sunny over there!) Thanks for originally sending me this link, darling!


See you bunnies next week!  Til then, you can send me links (html or soy sausage), comments, questions, or cool accordions: reardon (dot) melanie (at)!

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