Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

"Don't use the dryer?!  But I'm a busy girl!"

This week, I had lots of fun working on and finishing this comic in my room with my very needy cat.  On steroids, he is feeling much, much better... but it seems like the only comfortable place he can be is right on top of the paper where I'm drawing, or on my lap when I need to get up (and my legs have fallen asleep!)  Oh, kitties.

Facts and sources:

Each load of laundry that goes through the dryer releases 3-4 pounds of C02. Source:

Dryers account for 10-20% of domestic energy use.

Source: (this one says 10-15%)

Dryers are brutal on your clothes.

Source: (search for "lint" and find out where it comes from)

Dryers are the leading cause of housefires (in the U.S.).


Hmm, the sources are a bit shady on this one, because (like a smart girl, I googled this *after* I did the comic) most house fires are caused by children playing with matches and cooking.  (You'd think having a dad for a firefighter I'd get that one right, at least).

So, it should be noted that dryers are **a** leading cause of house fires in the USA.

Dryers are not evil like I have depicted them here (with Domo-kun features and singing a creepy Prodigy song); they are super convenient and I confess, I use them... but mostly on things that I need cleaned ASAP, like my work shirt (I have one and I work quite a lot).  So I guess what I'm saying is: try to reduce your use of the dryer-- use it once a week instead of three times.


Happy Monday, and see you next week!

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