Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

Ever had your favourite shirt ruined by your cat, who wanted to join in the dancing fun?  Don't get mad at your cat, he just likes to dance... and don't throw away your favourite shirt!

So, today's comic was done with mostly nib-ink pens, but there were a few moments of Prismacolour pens as well (namely, the small text).  There is, hopefully, a learning curve with real fountain pens, but I have yet to master the art of drawing ruled lines without tearing reused computer paper.  (But I am hopeful.)


(And, in case you're wondering, this is based on a true story.  Since several similar incidents, however, I have become skilled in the art of kitty-catching before the pouncy-claws rip my shirts.  Have I mentioned my cat is a genius with a penchant for 80s and Bollywood dancing?)


Have a great Monday!

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