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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why haven't you updated the comic today?

A. I have a life, you know. I need to do all sorts of real things, including school. The comic may not get updated for ages sometimes. I can't do a comic on Wednesday, but I usually make two the day before instead of one.

Q. How do you make sprite comics?

A. I'll make a tutorial comic series eventually. For now, just get sprites and Photoshop and follow the tips at the bottom of the Legend of DS.

Q.  Wait, ___ doesn't make sense!

A.  There are no plot holes. If something doesn't make sense in the Way Of The Metagamer, the XLPQ-732 glitched up. If the Legend of DS makes no sense, a wizard did it.


You can ask questions via email on "", with "GIGAHARD FAQ" in the Subject line. Then I'll answer them here!



Here's a Q and A template. 




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