Welcome to PIRATE COVE!  Here's where it all begins!  I originally never had the intention of creating an on-going comic strip that would publish for years and years to come...  the below strip was whipped together in about 5 minutes after a friend badgered me to do a webcomic.  Then, the day after I e-mailed her this strip, tragedy struck in New York City and the whole country fell into a funk.  I did another strip on September 12th which circulated among my friends, some of whom sent it to THEIR friends.  I recieved an e-mail from a stranger, thanking me for making her chuckle, despite the World events.  So I did another.  And another.  And I kept getting e-mails, asking to be added to the "Comic E-Mail List."  And when AOL accused me of spamming because the e-mail list had grown so large, I knew it was time for a website.  We titled the series "PIRATE COVE" sometime around the 10th strip. My buddy John whipped up the website, I purchased the domain www.piratecovecomic.com, and a webcomic was born!  Over the years, the series evolved... black and white gave way to color, 3-week storylines exploded into months-long affairs, and readership began to expand at an incredible rate.  Anyway, there's yer brief recap of the events that brought this whole shebang to life.  Now what are you waiting for?  Start reading!

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Joe D'Angelo has been drawing comic strips since he was in third grade. He likes Jujubes, Mike & Ikes, Razzles and Fruit Stripe gum. He laments the loss of "old formula" Good & Fruity candy and hopes to discover a warehouse full of old stock one day. ... full profile