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Steopa Radovitch

The only son of the only non-polish magistrate in the small community of Lithuania. Although he grew up working in the fields and living along side the peasants, his father insisted on Steopa being educated as well. When he was 11 Steopa was sent to Warsaw to live with his uncle to get a proper education.

Steopa returned after his mother died, at the age of 16. He reunited with his childhood best friend, Anna, but his time they became romantically involved. And eventually married. Steopa was all set to take over his Father's land and position. But Napoleon decided to invade.

Steopa went to the front on a cannon crew and was treated poorly by his commanding officer. It escalated into a duel, that Steopa won fairly, but his commander whipped Steopa anyway. Steopa deserted the army and walked home. Less than a 1/4 mile from his home he was attacked by a female vampire. During the scuffle, Steopa was able to blow most of her head off, but still had to stake her. He struggled home, was greeted by his wife and made love to her one last time, before the change took him. Back to the Cast Page
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