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Oh bugger... let's go with Fridays
Oh look I'm finally using this thing... Obviously this one's not a true story but it comes from something I do often. I have really odd views on gender, sex, and sexuality and this leads to a lot of confusing internal debates. I've also had the habit of asking 'What if...?' and 'Why...?' since I learned to talk. Kudos if you get the song reference btw...
Yep, I'll admit it, I still watch cartoons... and yes I watched Avatar the last Air Bender... (and consequently I love this song). Anyway, this happened on family vacation in which my friend Car (in the glasses) tagged along and we ended up touring a cave at one point on my mother's whim. Car nearly died of heatstroke and I nearly fell and broke my ass several times (Ah twisting damp cave paths with lovely vertigo inspiring drops).
Yep again not a totally true to life story but I swear this is basically what happened. What you don't believe me?

This was actually made for a Christmas card for my cousin's family, I make very interesting cards...

 Seriously though, do you spose anyone ever asked Santa for porn?

Possibly dating myself here... anyone remember when the PB&J song first hit the interwebs? Well a coupla months ago Car enlightened me as to the true meaning of this song. And thus another piece of my innocence is lost in the wind...

True story recounted by Car, all she wanted was a teeth cleaning man! And no I'm not sure how touching children's movies equate to biblical prophesies either...
Based on a conversation between Car and I about growing up, college and the supposed coming of age that is turning 18...
Yes, I actually did this... I'm terrible with technology and in the time for me to notice it was my phone the caller'd hung up on me.

Hey there guys! A belated happy 2009! Sorry about all the repeats, that's what I get for mass uploading things at midnight apparently... Haha... Anyway, Here's to a new year, may it be a good one for everybody.

I don't know why, but I love to do this to my cat. She's well aware of my eccentricies and tolerates them for the most part, after all I am "feed me" who else shall supply her with kitty chow and a pair of legs to maim?

A disturbing what if of the human body...
I have nothing really to say, other than yes this is true and it was hilarious and disgusting at the time. Come now gents would you want anything that shed's a crunchy exoskeleton to be shoved inside you?
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