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Oh bugger... let's go with Fridays

I can't speak for everyone, but growing up here in Texas, this is the extent of our snowfall. The next day it's usually gone back to 80 degrees as well. Ah, the south, come here to sweat.

*Sigh* I am what I am and that's all that I am, even when that includes the geeky 14 year old fangirl in me. So Car made me four special AMV's for my birthday back in December... Vash the Stampede singing 'Michelle' (which is my middle name) was one of them. Needless to say, I had a bit of a crush on him when I was younger. Hey, I coulda done worse.
A conversation with an erstwhile friend who I couldn't see eye to eye with. It was fun while it lasted, and this is a bit of proof to that.

What hurts the most in those petty drama moments is when people pretend to understand what you mean and get you, but really they only understand what they want to see and ignore the rest of it.

Yep, it's true... I'm too lazy to go making any fancy new comic story... maybe someday.
Yep, the skin on my ears are apparently revolting against the rest of my body...
Ahh it seems a lot of my comics end up being crude humor in the end. Anyway, this is a true story, and yes to anyone who doubted it, women do fart, we just try to be sly about it.
Yes it's a downer, but this is an autobiographical comic of sorts, and while I try to keep it to the funny moments in my life, not every moment of life is funny. We all have hard times and I'd be bullshitting you guys and myself if I didn't include them once and a while.

Woo Midterms!

The family dog's a tenacious little bugger

Nostalgia Trip
See kids, this is why you don't draw comics at one AM
No this isn't a true story, or our actual upstairs neighbors. It is true that they are hella noisy sometimes though...

Events in this comic actually took place last summer, but I thought it'd be nice to kick off this summer with some nostalgia. (mmmm Nostalgia)

The dorm basement was a scary scary place.
No such thing as mistakes, just experiences to learn from.
Sweet dreams are made of this, and my gender blurs yet again.
A personal realization that maybe some things don't matter as much as we think they do

Yeah... I'm a dweeb.

Trufax kiddos. What, like you've never done it?

What did I realise? More fun to wonder about it.

Sorry everybody! Real Life got the best of me! (I'm in Math Bootcamp right now, so very little free time) I'll be back again on August seventh so fear not readers! (If you haven't left already D: )
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Ryan Bagley (bagz) says:

Ahhhh, the memories of crazier days. Where does the time go?

As always your art and humor brings a smile to my face.

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