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Miss Monday (missmonday) says:

Welcome to the first page of Centaur Legends!
I started this webcomic both to learn better how to use my tablet (oddly enough, this picture was half-drawn and colored by mousepad, since my stupid tablet decided to stop working randomly) and to do (sort of) justice to a story I came up with that just doesn't seem complete in written form.

So, about the picture. I know it's not all that great, but if you want high art in your webcomic, you should stick with Gunnerkrigg Court and Hanna is Not a Boy's Name and a couple billion others I could mention. I'm actually fairly proud of this centaur; he's not actually one of the characters, but he was fun to draw. I know the sword is lame, but I don't have much practice with drawing weaponry.

Also, I ought to warn you that you might see art that's not quite so pretty for the main comic. I don't normally give that much attention to detail, and I'm not even sure I'll be drawing hooves on a regular basis. I swear, proportionate hooves are the bane of my existance.

...Annnd I just typed up a ridiculously long post to go with a boring chapter page. You can tell I'm REALLY new at this, right? x3

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