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About Michael K. Easton:
About Me: Well, I was born and raised in the Mid Ohio Valley. I consider that a blessing and a curse, mind you. I am a 30 year old self-made artist that has slowly spent the last 10 years trying to break into the wonderful world of comics. At 19, I self-published a black and white book called "Paradoxity" (a nice little wink to Paradox City, since Paradox City came out 10 years later). I spent the next 8 or so years learning what I was actually doing. Then around 2001, I started working on the Impossible Family. (The Impossible Family is based mostly on my wife's family-- and they debuted in another self-published book.) Issue #2 and #3 has never been seen or published.

I have 3 sons that keep me very busy and keep asking me when the next Impossible Family comic book is coming out. Between the comics and my family, I remain a pretty positive happy-go-lucky kinda guy. As for comics, they have been a lifelong passion of mine going back to the 4th grade. The first comic I remember buying was Avengers #290. The Revenge of the Supreme Adaptoid---back when Captain America was still alive and going around in the Cap costume. I was immediately hooked. But what really got me full blown was Superman #21, part 1 of the Supergirl Saga. That really blew my mind! Up to that point, I wanted to be either a scientist or an astronaut. I guess you could say comics ruined me. Actually, I can thank them for saving my life! They helped me get through a lot of rough times growing up. And ever since that fateful day, I have been in love with comics and have always dreamed of working on comics.

5 THINGS ABOUT ME... 5-I draw with my left hand, and color or paint on my computer with my right hand. 4-I keep growing hair in weird places! 3-I have been working on losing 50 lbs. 2. I am a huge Superman fan.
1.I wanted to work in comics since the 4th grade. 

About Jordan Lowe:

I was born in Marietta, Ohio.  The next several years were spent watching G.I. Joe cartoons, sitting quietly through Sunday School and listening to Reds games on the radio.  Next came high school, where I very rarely studied but seemed to do pretty well anyway, played drums in the marching band and obsessed over Monty Python, Buffy and The X-Files.  Then I lived in Westerville, Ohio for four years where I went to college, switched majors halfway through from Business to English and got a bit snobby with the movies I watched and the comics I read.  Now I’m back in Marietta, where I own a comic book store and write.  I don’t get days off and I never have any money, but I’m my own boss and I set my alarm for an absurdly late hour of the morning.