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The Walking Mage

Series Complete! No Updates.
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The I Box Web Comics Philosophy!

I Box webcomics are written for the Web! While the model of paper-media comics is glorious and grand, to work properly, you need to be able to flip through them at will. Frustratingly, webcomics are not given to this ease of use, often being published in a manner which requires the reader wait around for several days while the next few seconds-worth of story are prepared.

StarDrop and The Walking Mage instead employ a style which allows me to create self-contained story acts for each update. Typically, this means drawing more panels per update than can fit on a standard paper comics page. --Though done in the tried & true square-panel format which allow re-adjustment for later print publication. After two years of regular updates, the method is proving to work rather well. I hope you will enjoy I Box's webcomics!

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NEW! StarDrop is a sci/fi strip about a space princess hiding out in a small university town on a darling little blue planet the natives here call "Earth". Road trips, finding friends and choosing the right skirt are the challenges of the day, while avoiding the troubles of "back home" where unstable politics threaten to bring the ships of a vast Galactic Civil War to Earth's doorstep. 12-16 panel North-South format

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(Series Completed!) The Walking Mage "Outcast Wizard, Quinton and his Imp Familiar must walk the land. High Adventure, Low Comedy and some Minor Property damage resulting." 41 episodes in an 8-panel North-South format. I wanted to try my hand at political satire, and this was the result. See what you think. . . (Now Available in book form, in full Color!)

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Old Strips (1998 - 1999) These strips, (with the exception of two), all appear in the Thieves & Kings graphic novels, (read a sample chapter!) and feature popular characters from the series. They are all done in the 4-frame left-right gag format, and some of them still make me chuckle. . .

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