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There's one great truth about self publishing--IT'S AS EXPENSIVE AS HELL!

Self published indy creators like me and Monique (and more then likely you reading this right now) have to do all of the publishing, marketing, promoting, printing, shipping, and distributing of our books ourselves. And the cost of doing all of this ourselves is high. Extremely high. So, Monique and I are running a donation drive and asking you our readers for donations/contributions to help us offset the cost of printing and shipping our current book "Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer: The Hither and Yon" as well as our upcoming book "Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer: For Queen and Country" to the bookstores who are interested in stocking them. The cost of supplying books to these bookstores is, unfortunately to admit, too much for Monique and I to take on alone. So we find ourselves having to ask for help/assistance from you the Chevalier readers and fans to do this.

So, here's our plea. If you are a Chevalier fan, if you read and enjoy Chevalier online, or if you bought and enjoyed the print version of the first book and are looking forward to the new/upcoming release, we are asking for your kind donations/contributions to support our efforts to supply bookstores with our books by clicking on our shiny new Paypal "DONATE" button and donating just $2.00 each (you can donate more if you want to, of course) with a goal of reaching $6,000 to help us with the cost of printing, shipping, and distributing our books to the bookstores interested in stocking them on their shelves.

If every Chevalier fan reading this shows a little "Chevalier love" and now donates just $2.00 each we can reach our goal of collecting $6,000 and help put Chevalier on bookstore shelves. Maybe even a bookstore near you.


$2.00 - B&W Chevalier cast picture saying "Thank you" sent by email

$5.00 - B&W original Chevalier character artwork, bust, sent by email

$10.00 - Full color original Chevalier character artwork, full figure, sent by email

$20.00 - Original full color Chevalier fantasy artwork piece sent by email

$25.00 - Original full color Chevalier fantasy art piece, art card size, autographed by artist Monique MacNaughton, sent by mail

$50.00 - Copy of Chev book #2 "For Queen and Country" (upon publication), autographed by creators Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton, with piece of original b&w sketch art inside, sent by mail


On behalf of Monique and myself I'd like to thank you for your kind donations/contributions in this endeavor.


Darryl Hughes Monique MacNaughton Creators "Chevalier: The Queen's Mouseketeer"

Tom-Tom the Busker by amberchrome on deviantART
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