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"The moment that damnable celestial arrived in Mansfordshire the gauntlet was thrown. And events in far off lands were conspiring against me."
--Connor Nichols on The Emperor

A wise old man once said that you can never underestimate man's appetite when it comes to greed, larceny, and lechery. Catering to these "appetites" in Mansfordshire's lower eastend known as "Circle Square" has always been the stock and trade of Connor Nichols aka "The Gripper" and The Nichols gang. That is until the arrival of the Emperor and his social club "The Emporium".

Like all things foreign, both the Emperor and the Emporium have the advantage of the exotic and the erotic in how they cater to men's appetites. Posing the first real threat to Nichols and, most importantly, his businesses by way of the patronage of the rich westenders who indulged themselves in the various "services" that Nichols provides.

The Emperor's business "associations" includes him as one of the threads in the tangled web surrounding the Mangler murders. And puts him on a collision course with Connor Nichols. All but assuring that--There will be blood.

We're done with the rogues, now onto "the witness". Sometimes in life a strange situation isn't just "strange", it could also turn out to be very very deadly. As chamber maid Mary Reilly knows all too well.


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