Michael Herrington ||   

Mike began doing cartoons in 1987. One of his 5th grade classmates was an artist who did these amazing drawings that typical 10 year olds should not have been able to do. Mike saw this as a challenge and being something he had never tried before, he started drawing these weird little toons' about dogs that wore camo pants and rolled big rocks down hills. The cartooning continued until 1992 when Mike got into comic book art. He tried for years to get the hang of the medium, but his true love was always tooning. He returned in late 1995 as an editorial cartoonist in his school paper, and as the strip cartoonist for same publication. He was published in two local papers, The Lakewood Journal, and the Tacoma News Tribune. He also nearly became a weekly freelance cartoonist for the tribune until the staff cartoonist got a bit territorial. Now Mike mainly focuses on working too many hours at his job and working on music, but still keeps the art dream alive with his love and newest creation, "Monkey Man Stan & His Righteous Clan".

Visti >>www.myspace.com/talesfromthebathtubinc to view the myspace page for Monkey Man Stan...its quite fun.

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