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It's a curious thing to see someone fighting demons unknown, and ascribing them to you.

This marks the appearance of my one hundredth panel.


Panel 93: Top of head with hat visible above cube horizon. CAPTION: The few facts I knew about the head of Support were: 1) She worked on the third floor. 2) Her group made software manuals, and took user phone calls. Panel 94: Same view, except different hat, and walking opposite direction. CAPTION: 3) Each day she marched by our cubes, wearing a different hat. Panel 95: Me complimenting Ms. Hat. She smiles proudly, and looks like a 45-year old Sally Kellerman. CAPTION: She seemed cordial enough, in passing. Me: Nice hat. Ms. Hat: Thank you. I am a collector. Panel 96: Me knocking on Ejecto’s Office. The door is partway open. Its name plate reads “Vice President of Marketing”. Ms. Hat is visible in profile. Her word balloon protrudes from the doorway. CAPTION: That’s all I knew of her until Ejecto bypassed Nick, and called me into his office. Ms. Hat: We’re not going to be jerked around here! Sound Effect: Me knocking. Panel 97: Forty-something woman with extravagant hat turns to me and screams. VP of Marketing looks on with resignation. Panel 98: Dialog between Ms. Hat and Me. Ms. Hat: We want a new domain dedicated to Support. Me: Sounds great. Should be helpful for users. Ms. Hat: We will have full control over content. Me: Makes sense. Panel 99: My shadow cast on the wall is that of a giant demon. Maybe get an over-her-shoulder shot that makes her hat look “Spanish Inquisition”-ish and show a hand raising the cross. Or Salem witch trial-y. CAPTION: Itching for a fight, she would not be denied. It’s a curious thing to see someone fighting demons unknown, and ascribing them to you. Panel 100: Close-up of her gritting teeth as she storms out. My face is visibly puzzled. CAPTION: The third time that I agreed with her demands, she accepted sourly.

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The Kid from Mushroom Island

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