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Where to begin?  The enigma that is I, Mr. M started from humbled beginnings.  An only child with an overactive imagination I developed a love of comic books and later distilled spirits.  I grew up in Castle Rock Washington, which is not the Stand By Me or Stephen King Castle Rock.  For those of you that are geographically challenged it is right next to Toutle, Washington.  It is also found on the Cowlitz river.  It all went downhill after my nuts dropped.  I bounced around the state of Washington like a methed out trucker.  The remaning years of my life were spent chasing women and malted beverages.  One day I chased a girl across this fine country and found myself in New York City.  A little while later, I was hungover while volunteering at the MoCCA or Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art where we had an exhibit on webcomics.  I thought if these hacks could do it, then I could too.  I picked up a pencil and the rest is history, I became one of those hacks. 

I shall now take leave, but first some true words of wisdom by the master Bon Jovi, "Lord I never drew first when I drew first blood."

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