Raccoon Eyes

Raccoon Eyes is a busy girl with school work and two jobs, but she squeezes in some time to sleep with Mr. M on an erratic basis. Mr. M met Raccoon Eyes when she was a chain-smoking waitress at a cocktail bar. After a one night stand he went to teach at a middle school only to find her there. Mr. M was shocked to find out she was a student who just turned 18, and could theoretically be one of his students.

Raccoon Eye's real name is Amanda, which Mr. M only uses when he is in trouble. The name Raccoon Eyes comes from the sleep deprived lines under her eyes. After a few days with Raccoon Eyes, Mr. M will also have these lines until he takes a nap.

Mr. M is suspecting that Raccoon Eyes is slowly transforming into Mandatory Girlfriend. Back to the Cast Page
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