How secure do you have to be in your manhood to make a penis sized joke in your own webcomic?  This author must be more hung than Michael Hutchence.

So somewhere I lost a comic so I had to start over.  I've really been getting into the homebrew scene and even started making a type of mead.  Then I spilled some brewing materials on it and promptly cursed the heavens.  Instead of drawing the same thing over I took a break and read Brightest Day.  (Kind of overrated and certainly no Blackest Night)  In the pages was an ad for Glo-Balls and Flash Cakes.  These are far funnier than any material I can write.  Let's raise another generation of comic fans on overprocessed sugary products.  I want to see fat Jedis with body issues run at cons for exclusive busts and figurines.  I want to see obese fanboys dressed as Wolverine consume Costco sized snacks while their body remains undernourished.

C'mon people we can be the fattest empire the world has ever seen.  It will be hard work but we can do it together.

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