If you don't get this click here.  I love the idea of all these villains singing the same sad song by the Who at the same time.  True Who fans will realize these lyrics are not in order.  If it isn't obvious that is Darth Vader's breathing sounds in panel two.  In panel three that is Cobra Commander and the second line is sung by Megatron, who is transformed into a gun.  I really wanted panel four to be a Disney Villain but then I remembered I didn't want to get sued, also the best Disney villains are female which wouldn't work for this.  I also thought about doing Bad Horse from Dr. Horrible, but no one would get that, so I went with the non-Arnold Mr. Freeze.  Finally you may say, "I thought Galactus had red or pink eyes." and to you I say "Shut your filthy hole.  Now good day to you sir."

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