Although browsing craigslist casual encounters is a nice wholesome pastime, my browser history is now full of men seeking men ads.  In the event of my death I want someone dear to me to erase my browser history and cookies so the shame does not tarnish my pristine image.

Seriously, who would respond to a post about rubbing one out with fat dudes?  Then it asks for you to bring your panties!  At least they are upfront about what they want.

In other news, this comic is late due to the fact I had to deal with exploding beers.  As some of you know I've been really getting into homebrewing, and I made a rather tasty rootbeer stout in attempt to make a rootbeer float that would make me sleep with large women.  The three bottles I have saved decided to shatter and stout beer was on all four walls of my bedroom.  It was so bad it covered the original version of this comic so I had to start over, after I cleaned my room.  It still smells like rootbeer in here. 

Now if you will excuse me I need to pack my panties and visit some fat dudes.

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