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Mr. Maybe
It all started when Mr. Maybe found himself in a comic world, unable to remember anything from his 3-dimentional past. After some initial struggles to come to terms with his newfound surroundings, the main character of "Mr. Maybe & the Offbeats" now only ... more
Ms. Hand Head
Always peppy and grossed out by anything less than perfect, Ms. Hand Head enjoys spending her days shopping, watching celeb reality shows and getting her nails done -- both on her hands, and her head. If you want to know why she has a hand for a head -- i ... more
Last seen "pleading the fern" in a Bavarian court. Chad is an avid painter, traveler and computer programmer who prefers to observe quietly from the sidelines. Spending much of his youth as a gypsy trickster, he eventually became bored of living in europe ... more
S. Bubble
A voice with no master. Caucasian. Height varies. Often confused for an offscreen character. ... more
Vince Villain
Tired of being kicked around in the real world, Vince (aka Brian) decided to leave the 3-D world and set out to become the best comic character of all time, under the alias Hank Hero. However he realized soon after, he was far too creepy to catch on with ... more
A relatively listless and lazy cat, he was adopted from "Catnip Annonymous" by the evil warlock Vince Villain. While Ziggy was indifferent to Lord Hammercy himself, he was fond of his spooky castle -- its countless window sills, balls of yarn and kitty li ... more
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Let's go over what's been established shall we? We all know that the famous Big Foot footage is fake, that shadows have never touched light and that no one has actually heard the voice of reason. I'm more curious about the things I don't know…dazzle m ... full profile