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Last seen "pleading the fern" in a Bavarian court. Chad is an avid painter, traveler and computer programmer who prefers to observe quietly from the sidelines. Spending much of his youth as a gypsy trickster, he eventually became bored of living in european squats and shopplifting his breakfast. Back in the states, he bluffed his way into a promising start up during the dot com boom, only to have it bought by a big corporation. He frequently pines over perfecting his artistic crafts and coming up with the next big online venture to make him money while he sleeps. Back to the Cast Page
All images and artwork are copyrighted material (Ryan Cassano). Thieves and liars are subject to public flogging, eyelids pryed open for endless re-runs of "Full House" and other means of torture.
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Let's go over what's been established shall we? We all know that the famous Big Foot footage is fake, that shadows have never touched light and that no one has actually heard the voice of reason. I'm more curious about the things I don't know…dazzle m ... full profile