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Vince Villain

Tired of being kicked around in the real world, Vince (aka Brian) decided to leave the 3-D world and set out to become the best comic character of all time, under the alias Hank Hero. However he realized soon after, he was far too creepy to catch on with the mainstream culture. After delving into some of Anton LaVey's work, he pondered to himself, "what's love got to do with it?" He then concluded that evil ain't so bad and is now obsessed with not world domination, but rather, comic domination. Viewing Mr. Maybe as a threat, he seeks new ways to overthrow the young, popular upstart. Back to the Cast Page
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Let's go over what's been established shall we? We all know that the famous Big Foot footage is fake, that shadows have never touched light and that no one has actually heard the voice of reason. I'm more curious about the things I don't know…dazzle m ... full profile