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Let's go over what's been established shall we? We all know that the famous Big Foot footage is fake, that shadows have never touched light and that no one has actually heard the voice of reason. I'm more curious about the things I don't know…dazzle me with trivia, lore, etc. and I'll love you forever. Speaking of loving you forever, contrary to popular belief, I don't love everyone. I may get along with 99.9% of the people I come into contact with and yes, I can respect aspects of almost anyone despite overwhelming detrimental qualities….but it doesn't mean I'm destined to like everyone by default. As an example, I'll always have a hard time relating with someone that tries too hard. No sub-cultures for me, I'm full. Ideally, you will remember to relax and enjoy who you are…studies show that your effectiveness as a human will increase by 37%.


Manners and forms of politeness are very important to me. I think chivalry is a lost art. I find there's nothing like some Sinatra over a martini at the local dive. I enjoy sitting on that one fence (you know the one) and watching things unfold before I decide which side to land on. Off and on, getting a girlfriend seems like a good idea. Other times not. So that leads back to striving towards establishing human contact that is both genuine and equally unrestricted by social guidelines. My life is kind of complicated anyway, and I'm not being dramatic when I say that.

Direct communication is SO ATTRACTIVE to me. If it's your ambition to get my attention, please spare me cryptic innuendo. In most cases, I won't bother to read between the lines. Mystery is only interesting if it's natural, not contrived. I don't believe much in the way of right or wrong when it comes to matters of the heart, as long as honesty and respect come first.

I don't mind drinking milk after the expiration date because I've found always protecting myself only hampers my ability to become immune to something. This has been a delicate task in raising my kids...teaching them when to be cautious and when to be fearless.

I enjoy doses of intense social situations, be it with many people or just one-on-one. You may find me cutting loose inbetween the seams...where the blurs come into focus later on. On the other side, there's a lot to be said for solitude; taking time to reflect and evaluate.

I like to delve into anything that is difficult to fathom the scope of, such as time and space. Origins in general are rather fascinating. To me, art is the single most underrated aspect of human capability. Do it. Do it often. In any way you can.