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"And even with the blood of the Judas still fresh on their hands, they had no choice but to go west."

With Dr. K dead and the Matador still absent; Stella, Opus, and Mozes begin their journey west to discover the meaning behind Matador's cryptic words.

With the North gate already broken into, the three leave their friends behind to contend with the stain that may emit from it.

With still no matador, the only hope to keep Marvolus and the stain in check lies with Cora, the Rubio half-matador, and those still recovering in the wake of Dr. K's treason.

Meanwhile, Stella and the others discover the fires to the west, the mysterious Dutchess Mari Paz, and her enemy the fearless dream Caligula. 


End of the "The first dream" and first chapter of Manifest Destiny.

There are a few mistakes here and there and I apologize if it disrupted your reading. I'm working on making it better with each page.

Next chapter will come out in the next few weeks. Please Review! I promise it will start making sense.

M. S. Harkness


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