Three days a week - I HOPE.

Hiya all (and any),

Well, i'm trying it out again - i've dabbled with this on and off over the last year and with almost a year break i'm bringing Year One back again with a v2...


..there are a few diferences and things to point out.

1) I have been VERY busy - TOO busy - since the last time i had the strip up we've moved house and i need to work a lot more hours to pay the mortgage so i CANT guarantee i'll get the pitiful three updates a week i'm shooting for. Actually, i had another strip ready to premiere at but i just couldnt commit to it as i dont trust my ability to keep to deadlines right now. Here, if im late or what have you, its only myself i'm letting down - not a larger network. So yes...i'll do what i can to get the strips up.

2) Mentality. I dug myself into a bit of a hole with YO with the last series - i got caught up myself with all the people telling me that marvel would love it and i found myself getting frustrated when they didnt! That and the ridiculous continuity i was labouring under made the strip turn into very hard work. YO shouldnt have continuity - it should be a "one hit and its out" type strip - blam one topic and move onto the next. and thats what its going to be - if i want to make fun of 60's Captain America in one strip - then make fun of the death in another and then do a strip about Cap-Wolf..well, by golly, i'm gonna! So be warned.

And y'know, i'm glad i'm independant with this - Marvel wouldnt let me do half the things i want to do...

3) Everyones a target - not just restricting myself to marvel this time around - obviously if any companies get narky with me i'll respect their wishes but everyones fair game this time around.


Why havent i done anything original - why am i retreading this thing out again?

Well - so many people have asked me about it - its nice really. Plus some people do a comics blog, some do a podcast(cough..coming soon) - i like to express my thoughts on comics visually. Which works out well. I tried to get We've Got Issues off the ground but found i was doing that for the chance to make some moeny from the project rather than for the fun. Year One is for the fun. Sheer fun.

Plus i am working on other stuff  - its just taking a while.

So if this is the first time you've read Year one, welcome aboard -expect typos and missing letters and enjoy it - i'll try to move all the strips over to the new site - and if you've been with me for the very beginning - welcome back - i hope i can only improve on what i've done before.

Finally  - besides the aforementioned podcast, i'll attempt to put out the strip in podcast form as well so keep an eye out for that if thats more your thing. 

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