Three days a week - I HOPE.
Silver age Iron man! Be there baby!

Ok, ok - expect old silver age stuff about just as much as current stuff. Its sooo much fun. I love old Silver Age Tin can Iron man. :)

In this case he actually did use batteries! I think he actually took his batteries out and threw them at a villain at some point! hey, i liked it.

 Now might be a good time to mention two things;

1) What do you think of the new colouring style? i think it works out rather nicely - i'll get better as i go i'm sure.

2) I'm actually doing a podcast where i go back and look at every Marvel comic chronologically! And the crazy part is my wife is joining in!!! Its going to be called The Marvel OCD(Official Chronology Discussion) comics podcast - (note: not official)

or something along those lines - at the time of writing it hasnt actually started yet but i fully expect by the time this 'airs' it will be. Ill give more info when its appropriate.

I'll also be doinga nother podcast where i'll be looking at the new comics out each week - either with a bud of mine or my wife as well, we'll see what happens. I'm thinking of "Oh god, not another COMICS podcast!" but we'll see.. 

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