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When ever He gets off his lazy ass and updates it.
OK, here's the deal. I've had about a dozen or so of these "random" comics doodled down in a notebook (a green notebook titled "Bobby Bowden's Random Comics") but up to this point have not found the time (read: ambition) to actually draw (read: mutilate) them. I got a wacom tablet (read: piece of garbage) from my brother, but the LED (read: Lesser Evil Demon) didn't light up (read: consume my soul, but it got the USB controller's soul instead) and so I am now stuck with this Microsoft (read: well, you can probably guess on that one) paint (read: obomination) version instead. My brother offered Adobe Photoshop (read: ftw) but he waaaaaaaay overestimated my free time (read: see above) and so (read: overly redundant) we're stuck with this garbage of an image. I realize that even though it is slightly funny (read: if your drunk) it also happens to be a total ripoff of Anchorman (read: teh roxorz), but trust me, this was the worst one in the notebook. Why am I using the weakest material as the preview of the upcoming ambrosia of graphic novella (read: crappy, but free, entertainment)? Because It was only 5 panels long, with ONE character, and I was able to cut and paste the first three panels (read: lazy bastard), it took about 2 minutes total to finish, and an additional 2 minutes to look for Vikings news on the internet while scratching myself. (read: gross) It's not MY fault that it took 20 minutes to edit the drawing later on my brothers computer, apparently he expected paint to be able to both type the words, than put them on a seperate layer so he could move them without effecting the other panels and words. Apparently Photoshop can cure cancer compared to paint, and going back to it caused a plethora of colorful words not known to me untill about 7 minutes ago. Thus, the beauty of backtracking in technology. He'll probably edit these comments to make himself sound better, but than again there's an equally good chance of him being to lazy to defend himself and just upload this unaltered and go back to downloading and testing out oblivion mods. (read: more precious than water.) Note From Paul ski is right I am lazy and will upload as is. P.S.S. Oblivion is teh ROCZORZ!!!!
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