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Luke McQuarrie
Lead Designer and misanthropic workaholic at Minus World Game Studios. ... more
Jane Shimura
Art Director. Guitarist. Likes Strawberry Quick. ... more
Kathleen "Kat" Gooski
Game tester. Self-described "surly c*nt". Loves musicals and Pabst Blue Ribbon. ... more
Dody Oyoyo
Programmer. Born in New York but raised in Ghana. A bit too literal-minded, yet good-humoured. ... more
Craig Bruenner
Music composer/sound designer, wannabe-rapper and oblivious loudmouth. Loves paintball games, awful rap-metal and Burger King. (Destined to loathe the Pacific Northwest.) ... more
Derek Tong
Programmer and game industry veteran. Living in his parents' basement after a cataclysmic break-up with his girlfriend of 6 years. ... more
Manager of Minus World Game Studios. Hails from London. ... more
Public Relations Manager assigned to Minus World Studios and liason between MW and it's monolithic parent company, Digital Media, Inc. ... more
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Bill Mudron and Anne Moloney are like peas and carrots. ... full profile