I hate drawing cars. I gave up caring about drawing cars by the middle panel. Oh well? Still, the abundance of white trucks, punchbuggies, and Hummers in Arizona was astounding. Couldn't be on the road for less than five minutes without seeing at least two out of three. I'd originally began the trip with keeping score of how many punchbuggies I'd seen but soon lost count by the second day. But if I'd have been truly playing, someone would have had a ton of bruises.

Jason Fahey (tgjason) says: Hahaha, who plays that game? I'd honestly die if I had to play such a brutal game; you're nothing but a barbarian!
Paul Abbamondi (mylifecomics) says:

What?? The punchbuggy game is the best game ever! People just hate it because I'm way too good at spotting 'em. :P

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