What? It's a restaurant. You stay classy, America.

In actuality, I had the salmon there. Our waiter seemed on the verge of an emotional breakdown and he eventually gave us some other table's bill (which would have been cheaper!). The food was yummy, and as you can see I spend a good portion of my day thinking about food. Ah, thoughts. Anyways, don't be scared of human body parts. I'm going to open a new line of homemade Italian restaurants and call them Sausage and Meatballs. I can already hear my bank account rising...

Jason Fahey (tgjason) says: Hahah, I'm sure with a sign like that something will be rising....
Paul Abbamondi (mylifecomics) says: Woaaaaah! Is that a sausage on your plate of spaghetti or are you just happy to see me?
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