Lucky me, I had the window seat. First of all, airplane food is nothing to go gah-gah over. This kid got the flight sampler: nachos and salsa, pretzels, and other stuff I can't remember. Basically, a bunch of junk food thrown together in a small box. He gobbled that up fast, then had more food and drinks ordered. But yeah, he was stinky. Thankfully, I had my mother to help block out the fumes from hitting me too hard. Thanks for taking one for the team, Ma!
Jason Fahey (tgjason) says:

At least you had your DS! If the smell got to strong you could try and tone it out with some awesome touch screen goodness; your Ma didn't have that luxury I imagine.


Thanks for taking one for the team Mas around the world! 

Paul Abbamondi (mylifecomics) says: Hah, actually, on the plane ride out to Arizona I let her play some of the minigames on DS, but the ride back was aaaaaaaaaaall me. I just picked up Castlevania: Portraits of Ruin, and it is awesome. Love my DS!!!
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