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I've been involved with comics since 1999, when my first professional work was published in an anthology called Proverbs and Parables.  After that, I pencilled and inked a cover for a superhero satire called The New Crew, was active with an amateur press association called Alpha Omega, was a member of its mother organization the Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS), sat behind a CCAS table for a few years at the San Diego Comic-Con and its cozier Minneapolis counterparts FallCon and MicroCon, did an internship with Pat Gleason on the first issues of DC's Green Lantern Corps, and now, am preparing to put together a webcomic for a class on the subject to share with all of you.

I'm 34 years old, happily married to a woman I met on the internet (we'll have been together five years by mid-October 2007), and currently in my senior year in the Comic Arts program at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  After graduation in December, my wife and I will be packing up and moving back to California, my home state.  My interests are primarily history, science fiction, fantasy, and Christian theology and apologetics.  My hobbies include roleplaying games (in all forms except Japanese-style console-based - I never got into "Final Fantasy"), reading, acting, and camping.

Soli Iesu gloria.