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Welcome to my new webcomic!  This comic is being created for a class on webcomics, but I'm hoping to make it a regular feature beyond the conclusion of my class.  Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy it!

I understand that it was actually against the law in Athens to beat a slave.  Other Greeks didn't much care for the cavalier way in which slaves were allowed to get away with things in Athens.  The Old Oligarch Pseudo-Xenophon said, "as for the slaves and Metics* of Athens, they take the greatest license; you cannot just strike them, and they do not step aside to give you free passage."  

He also thought a democracy could only survive so long as it issued bad legislation; an intelligent leadership who created good and effective laws would effectively keep their lessers, the common people, out of leadership decisions.  The tyrrany of the wise, if I understand it correctly...

*Metics were free foreigners who lived and did business in Athens.

Hello to everyone who was kind enough to stop by my table at FallCon!  I hope you like what you see and continue to come back.

I had the pleasure of sharing a table at FallCon with Joseph Brudlos, artist on the long-running webcomic Alpha-Shade.  Aside from being a skilled and dedicated artist (he regularly puts in something like 40 hours per page), he was a very friendly and generous neighbor.  I brought my vinyl banner of Aquila (the main character in my minicomic "Carpe Noctem") but had no way of hanging it, so I had resigned myself to simply laying it on my table.  Joseph voluntarily rummaged through his things and spared enough equipment with which to jury-rig a stand for my banner.  Not only that, but he let me use the plastic bags he had under the table for his customers, so those wonderful people who bought comics from me could bag them up if they liked, as well.  If you happen to be at a convention and see the eye-catching Alpha-Shade table, make sure to stop by and say hello - he's a true professional and a consummate gentleman.

Better yet, go to his website and read his comic:

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