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Hi I'm Mike and I'll be your guide for this short tour of me.

If you look to your left, you should see a 32 year old guy with a mostly pragmatic approach to life and a penchant for wearing Fedoras, who sometimes feels he's not as stoic as he would like and despite not being overly talkative, still thinks he should shut up more often - That's me.

As we continue our tour, you may note that the eyelashes are longer than you would expect for a guy. After extensive testing and research, we have concluded that this is of no historical significance whatsoever.

Moving on, if you look to your right now, you should see a burning desire to create, offset by a lack of motivation and slacker tendencies, but the fire is kept pretty well stoked, with an almost constant output of  wry, irreverent and sometimes surreal humour, philosophical thought, and the odd self righteous rant. Favoured methods of expression of these conversations with the Muse include, drawing, 3D art (and possibly someday animation,) writing, (at present count, 1 novel started, the bones of a second in progress, a short sci-fi story being researched, a short childrens story outline and another, more 'superhero type' comic being written,) poetry and short bursts of dance, usually when inibriated or when washing up and listening to music.

The structure is now starting to show signs of its age - notice the grey creeping into the goatee beard, and the hair creeping correspondingly off the head - these are recent developments, we think in the last ten years or so. Some people find that they add character or a distinguished look, others think that the whole project is looking weather beaten and in need of a facelift, but the curator is mostly happy with things. It has sustained damage over the years, which is only to be expected, but nothing which jeopardises the structural integrity or solid foundations on which the whole thing is built. The fascia did have some work done in the 80's, to try and fix the wonky front grill and also a damaged nose. The nose is now straight, but the front grill remains charmingly askew, although less so than it once was.

As we continue, notice the styling, which is remarkably similar to how it was 10, or even 15 years ago. The internal structure recently suffered some problems, but with careful planning of what is allowed inside the main stomach area, the problems are kept to a minimum and there is thankfully no lasting damage.

We hope you enjoyed this short tour, please tell your friends and if you would like to leave a small donation on the way out, it is appreciated.