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Resume and Bibliography

Juan Navarro

2390 W. 78 St.

Hialeah, FL 33016




To achieve the best, most balanced work, be it in design, illustration, or Sequential Art, honing technique and technology, for a certain project, vision or idea, to it's top potential.


Knowledge and experience in the use of Adobe Photoshop, Quark Express, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Works, Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Flash, Director, Dream weaver, in both Mac and PC. (Can work in both PC and Mac environments).

Full knowledge of Presswork, Package Design and Mechanicals.

Well taught and trained in the use of many media, including, but not exclusively: acrylic painting, charcoal, oil/chalk pastel, graphite, inks, watercolor, oils, marker, clay, fiberglass, gelco/bondo, gauche, screen-printing, book binding, fimo, and airbrush. –

Experienced in Sales, Advertisement and Merchandising


New World School of the Arts College Miami, FL

Bachelor of Visual Arts/Graphic Design Associates of Arts

Graduate: May 2004,

Overall GPA: 3.5

Work Experience

American Airlines

Fleet Service Clerk

November 2005 to Present

  • Fleet Service Clerks load and unload passenger baggage, mail, and freight.
  • Fleet Service Clerks may also transport aircraft supplies, clean the interior of the airplane, and perform all other arrival and departure functions.

Secret Media Group

Art Director & Chief illustrator

December 2002 to Present

  • In charge of all art work and design
  • •Graphic Design Work & Illustration; some Clients include but not limited to: Arregui Advertising (Coral Gables, FL), The Miami Sun Post, Med-Rehab, N World Gaming, Ambient Entertainment, Gaming Frontier Magazine
  • In charge of hiring and recruiting of freelance talent

Navarro Paint and Body Shop

Operations Manager (Family Owned)

July 1996 to Present

  • Reviewing vendors: Keeping record and schedule of all vehicle parts and labor
  • Payroll, billing, estimates (automotive), inventory, bookkeeping, shipping and receiving,
  • parts cost and pricing, manufacturing of fiberglass parts.

Navarro Modifications

Operations Manager

June 2001 to March 2003

  • In charge of all design and Custom Jobs
  • Ordering and Planning on all Projects
  • Head Airbrush Painter and Designer

Third Street Black Box, Miami, FL

Art Director/Set Designer/Graphic Designer

August 1996 to 1999

  • Building and finding props, sets, and other materials.
  • Playbill and Poster Layouts and design.


Honorable Mention, Beatles Tribute shows at Revolver, 11/30/2001 (USA)

Wolfson Scholarship for Philosophy, 9/20/2000 (USA)

Dean Honor Scholarship, 9/22/2000 (USA)


Member and Editor of the Promethian Anthology

Member of the American Institute of Graphic Artist

Member of Small Press Co-Op

Staff Writer and Artist for

Staff Writer and Artist for

Staff Writer and Artist for the Comics Collector

Artist and Writer for Dreaming Merchant Games

Contributing Illustrator/Designer for 3AM Magazine

Contributing Wrier/Designer for

Gallery Shows:

Art Basel, ArtPartments, December 3-7, 2006

Kunst Hotel, Art Basel, Miami FL, December 1-4, 2005

Art Of Noise, Churchill’s Pub, Miami FL, February 19, 2005

Underground Cavalcade-Art Basel, Curator and Video Artist, Churchill’s Pub, Miami Fl, December 2004

Participants in “Public Notice” at Objex Art Space, August 2004

Underground Cavalcade, Producer and Video Artist, Miami Fl, July 2004

Gonz Art Gallery, “Requiem of Ink”, Toronto Ontario Canada, 2004

Free Spirits, “Art Basil”, Miami Beach, Florida 2003

Albus Cavus: “Hard and No Play...” Albus Cavus, Hoboken, New Jersey, 8/9-16/2003

Rising Stars, New World School of the Arts, 3/12/2003

Albus Cavus: Year in Review, Albus Cavus, Hoboken, New Jersey, 12/11-17/2002

"Propaganda", Tablecloth Mural Artist, Miami Florida, 9/19/2002

"Jumped!” Albus Cavus, Hoboken, New Jersey, 8/24-30/2002

"On My Mind" Helmet Benefit Project for New World Arts College, 7/22/2002

Jeskova, Video Show, Poplife, Miami Florida, 5/3/2002

Beatles Tribute Show, Club Revolver, Miami Florida, 11/30/2001

Rising Stars, New World School of the Arts, 2/16/2001

Published Work/Bibliography (Where my work is featured):

-Dead Men told Tales, Hangman Comics 1995 (USA)

-Comics Jam 1 and 2, 1996 (USA)

-Penciller/Inker on "Night Realms" with Dave A. Law, 2001 (UK)

-Potlatch-Benefit for comics, Part 1 & 2, 2001-2002 (USA)

-Mysterious Visions, Dimestore Comics, 2002 (USA)

-"What Right?" Benefit Book for Little Sisters books against censorship, 2002 (Canada)

-Penciled/Inking/Lettering "Last Shot” with Jen Contino (USA)

-"Terrors of The Twisted Earth" by RPG Objects Illustrator (Canada)

-Penciller/Inker/Letterer on "Dallas Powers" with Jen Contino (USA)

- Guest Cartoonist, (USA)

-Current Creator of “Vigil” at (USA)

-Guest Artist on “Narbonic” by Shannon Garrity’ 6.26.2004

-Potlatch-Benefit for comics, Part 3, 2004 (USA)

-Neo-Foreigners, Le Petrol Rok, 2004 (France)

-Oscar Smith, Miami Homicide Unit, Microcomics 2005 (USA)

-Contributor, Webcomics Telethon to Benefit Katrina Victims 2005 (USA)

-Potlatch Anthology, for Benefit of the CBLDF, February 2005 (USA)

- Mechamancy: The Clockwork Magic, Enworld Games, July 2005 (Canada)

-Participant in the Batgirl Meme, January 2006 (International)


-Fantasy Money Supplment, Enworld Gaming, September 2006 (Canada)

-Qerth ALR Hardcover, Hex Games, October 2006  (USA)


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My work isolates the world into a more manageable space, be it in design, illustration, or Sequential Art, honing technique and technology. The focus is the process, each piece is a journey in my desire for a certain project, vision or idea, to it's best p ... full profile
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