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Artist Statement: My work isolates the world into a more manageable space, be it in design, illustration, or Sequential Art, honing technique and technology. The focus is the process, each piece is a journey in my desire for a certain project, vision or idea, to it's best potential, for a simple understanding and control of the daily universe.

"A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament" -Oscar Wilde

Juan Navarro is writer, Illustrator who works in various forms, mostly in Sequential Art related projects, but also in Film, TV, and Video Game development. He also earns a living as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. Juan Navarro is dashing bastard that takes no guff. The kind of man that will stare you down as he helps you up, and have laughed when you initially fell. He eats like a lumberjack and works like a Space Lumberjack. Creating the greatest comics in the world makes him thirsty...thirsty for adventure....and a diet-coke. He hungers for women but also for...the ultimate salad. If he ruled the world, it wouldn't be too bad, except for the random beatings given to anyone who is a bit stupid or watches American Idol seriously.


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