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Bang Barstal
It's William G's newest endeavor. So far it's shaping up to be a post-apocalyptic tale. With elves.
Fallen Angels Used Bookstore Gorgeous pencilwork coupled with a great story that everyone shoud read, so go now!
Errant Story It's a fantasy story. It's beautifully illustrated, a little erratic at times, but still enjoyable.
Finder If you have never read finder, you need to go read it now! Finder is a rich, detailed science-fiction-post apocalypse story, and McNeil's art is to die for. I own all her trade paperbacks, and I paw through them over and over again because they are that fantastic. She's getting ready to put her complete archive online- apparently she's going to continue releasing trade paperbacks- just not the singles.
OKASHINA OKASHI- Strange Candy A bunch of strangers thrown together by an unfortunate twist in fate. Very much a parody on manga.
Reasoned Cognition Quirky and cute, Reasoned Cognition tries to answer a plethora of science questions in every installment!
A Miracle of Science It seems only fair to include 'A Miracle of Science' on our list of favorites. It's a sci-fi story dealing with Mars, and a unlikely pair of cops tasked with the job of capturing one partucularly mad scientist. There's certainly more to the story than this blurb covers, but to really find out more you just have to read it!
Desolation Angel Tango Desolation Angel Tango is an distopian fantasy of the end of one world and beginning of another. Go read it!
Pelegrim Weird, surreal and oftentimes bizzare, Pelegrim is just something you have to read. It's make with Poser, and while it's not as super-technical an example as poser can get, S.B. Krakoff still manages to make it a very entertaining read.
A Mad Tea Party If there was a list of webcomics dealing with kids, genetically-engineered humans, and technology, this comic would be our long lost sibling separated from birth! Reaaly nice art, and the story is well-paced. Go read it- you'll enjoy it!
PartiallyClips Clip art combined with witty, sharp humor. Non-clipart used is actually contributed by other artists (with permission). Updates every day.
Pay comics!

The Jaded Originally on Keenspace, The Jaded has was picked up by Graphic Smash, which is a part of ModernTales. But don't let that discourage you from reading The Jaded. The story is about a group of mercenaries and their exploits, and there is a substantial amount of plot mixed in with the action. It's a great story, and well worth buying a month of time from Graphic Smash in order to read the archive. New pages are free before they go into the archive.
UNA Frontiers Also a fine comic located on Graphic Smash. I read this, along with Monique MacNaughton's other story Arrowflight without fail, and as soon as I get the cash, I plan on buying the hard copies of both. Go read it now, or better yet, go support her efforts by buying a few hard copies of her work! :)

Sea of Insanity Modern Mythology two times a week! Or something like that. It's Currently on Hiatus, and has been for some time- the author is away in Japan studying abroad, and has not been able to update it. It has an extensive archive, however. Check it out if mythology interests you, but be prepared to possibly not see an update anytime soon.
Nowhere Girl An amazing, at times bittersweet story about a girl trying to find her own identity. Currently on Hiatus, though it may be coming back in the near future, since the author (Justine Shaw) has mentioned that it may return during her interview over at COMIXPEDIA.
Demonology 101 One of the longest running online webcomics. Currently Completed.
It's About Girls It's back online for your reading pleasure! :) Not updating / completed, though it may come back someday.
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