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Updated 3/24/06: The pages are done, and I plan on spending the weekend putting this thing together and getting it ready to send out to the printer. Expect to see the cover, pricing information and a final product writeup appear here soon!
Ray and I are happy to announce that the first three chapters of Nekko and Joruba are going to become available in print this year. The wait may shorten, depending on how long the turnaround from us, to the printer, then back. The cover has already been inked- I just have to color & set up the text that'll be on it. When it's done, it'll appear alongside the book information below. Here are the details we have so far for the book:
Nekko and Joruba: Sub-orbital Two-stepPerfect bound, b & w /greyscale interior, color cover. About 200pgs (early count).

Chapters 1-3 of the story. The first part of Chapter 1 will not be using the old, shaky art & lettering. It is being re-drawn, lettered & greyscaled for this edition.

Author commentary section on each chapter in the back of the collection, containing notes not published online.

A new 10 page comic, that takes place before the start of Nekko and Joruba.

We'll be giving out more information (as far as ordering and final book contents) as we get closer to sending out out files to the printer. All updates regarding the book will be posted on the main page, so be on the lookout! :)
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